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Wooden Boehm-flute
From top to bottom: Early-romantic flute, classical flute and baroque flute

I play a modern Muramatsu flute and a Hammig piccolo, as well as period instruments of various epochs:


A baroque flute (one key) at 415 Hz

M. Wenner, after Carlo Palanca, Turin, ca. 1750


A late baroque-classical (?) flute (one key) at 443 Hz



A classical flute (6 keys, C-foot) at 425-430 Hz

William Henry Potter, London, ca. 1810

Historic piccolo (5 Keys) at 430 Hz

Cabart, Paris


An early romantic flute (5 keys, D-foot) at 430-440 Hz

Clair Godfroy ainé, Paris, ca. 1835


A late romantic flute (Boehm-system, conical bore) at 438-442 Hz

Fernand Chapelain, Paris, ca. 1880


A Wooden Boehm-flute at 440-443 Hz

Richard Müller, Bremen, ca. 1935


The Querpfeife - rare old version of the piccolo flute with no keys at all which appears in the works of Telemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - I am among the few who play this instrument. I happen to own a model which plays at 415 Hz.


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